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Installing water features in Burradon

Water is frequently used in gardens to create features, whether it's a pond for your garden to hold fish or encourage wildlife, or to provide the sound of water with a fountain. Many types of water feature can be selected, from sunken containers with lights and fountains, to monoliths made from slate or moulded stone balls with water trickling over them. Self contained water features can be practical for patios, however stately gardens of period properties can encompass bigger, more imposing features such as stone animals or figures spouting water gathering in pools or troughs below. Expert gardeners in Burradon can create designs for water features acting as centre pieces in gardens.

Burradon wildlife gardens

Popularity is increasing for wildlife gardens, and more choices are made to choose products that attract wildlife. Included in this are flowers that bring wildlife to gardens by providing sources of food that are natural, such as attracting bees and butterflies with flowers high in nectar, and seeds in flower heads that can feed birds. Another key wildlife garden feature is a garden pond, providing a home for frogs, toads or newts and providing bees with water for honey generation. Wild corners left for wildlife can be excellent, creating natural habitats to encourage insect life or small mammals like hedgehogs. Natural solutions for pests in your garden can also be provided, through encouragement of ladybirds, lacewings and other predatory insects.