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Wildlife gardening in Cramlington

Wildlife friendly gardens are becoming increasingly popular, with garden products that are wildlife friendly being used more. This often includes plant species that encourage wildlife because of the natural source of food they provide, like bees and butterflies who need nectar from flowers, and winter food sources for birds in flower seed heads. Garden ponds can be a key part of a wildlife garden, giving amphibians like frogs a home and supplying the water needed by bees for honey making. Corners left to be wilder can be excellent additions, offering habitats that are natural for insects that are beneficial or field mice and hedgehogs. This can also provide natural pest control for your garden by encouraging natural predatory bugs like lacewings and ladybirds.

Designing features for gardens in Cramlington

  • Single kit for decking
  • Painted octagonal summer house
  • Slate monoliths
  • Wall fountains
  • Rosewalk arch
  • Quarter circle arch pergola
  • Rustic wooden arch
  • Arbour with boarded roof
  • Traditional pergola with cut out
  • Garden statue