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Greengill garden services company locating

Whether you're moving to a new property and overgrown plants have taken over the garden or garden refurbishment is required, the answer is available from Greengill recommended garden services. We can help you find experienced gardeners who can draw up designs for new gardens or maintain gardens at domestic and commercial properties like restoring lawns, cutting trees and trimming shrubs. Gardens can have structures incorporated into them, like curved or square garden arches, marble or stone ornaments like animals, statues or water features, or summer houses, garden storage sheds or garden offices.

Child friendly gardens in Greengill

For homes with children, garden designs safe for children will be important. Recommended Greengill garden specialists are able to make sure this is a focus of garden designs drawn up, whether space to enable playing is desired or erection of climbing frames and swings, or incorporation of non slip pathways to avoid slipping when wet. Fencing can be installed around garden perimeters to keep kids in the garden and covers can be fitted to ponds or water features to stop accidents with water occurring.