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Repairing ceilings in Heaton

If ceilings of your home suffer damage, and claims for insurance work have to be made, either because of water leaking from water tanks or pipes or structural damage from smoke or fires has affected your home, plastering companies in Heaton can offer help. Ceilings can be affected by damage from above or below providing seamless repairs to ceilings in rooms of your home. leaving your ceilings looking as good as new. Where damage to ceilings is caused by water, the colour of plasterwork can be affected Sometimes laths will need replacing if water has weakened ceiling structure The ceiling laths might need to be replaced if structure has been weakened prior to application of fresh plaster.

Plastering walls in Heaton

Quality Heaton plastering specialists mix plaster to enable wall application using a hawk and trowel, and plasterers use a float made from materials like wood or poly plastic to level the surface. Reliable plasterers in Heaton usually apply two plaster coats, giving time for the first to air dry before the top layer is added to finish the surface, but they will ensure the first surface is uneven using scratching tools which makes sure the two plaster layers bond effectively. Where walls meet with corners, angle beads to define corners have to be attached

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Wall & Floor Tiling Heaton

Kitchen & bathroom wall and floor tiles fitted by professional tilers; all kinds of tiling projects undertaken in the Heaton area including:

  • Tiling Heaton
  • Grey and multicoloured slate
  • Granite and Natural stone tiles
  • Underfloor heating systems
  • Tiling conservatories
  • Tiling ensuite bathrooms or showers

Tilers Heaton Tiling Services

Painters & Decorators Heaton

Wallpapering and general interior or exterior decorating including contract work for companies and landlords:

  • Painting and Decorating Heaton
  • Hallways & stairs painted & decorated
  • Ceiling painting
  • Priming & painting skirtings, frames and doors
  • Exterior painting
  • Walls stripped of paper a prepared for decorating

Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen Heaton Painting & Decorating