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Types of dormer roof

There are many styles of roof typically used in the UK, from gable ended roofs with slate shingles to extensions with felt roofs. Gable fronted dormers are also common, will be able to plan onto your existing property. Professional roof specialists in Holywell will create dormer roofs by ensuring existing house structure is maintained by erecting trimmer joists, installing cladding to provide insulation, creating the angles, sills and frame for the dormer windows, then completing the dormer roof by laying slate shingles.

Re-structuring roofs

If your semi-detached roof requires remedial structural work as a result of subsidence movement then professional Holywell roofing firms will ensure that the rest of your home isn’t structurally affected by the roof. If your roof consists of a duo-pitch roof, dedicated Holywell roofing professionals can reinforce the roof timbers replacing pressured feather boards or replacing any rotting wood joists. If you are having a house built to your own design then roofing companies in Holywell will be able to erect timber rafters or build a new roof through cut-roof techniques.

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Loft Conversions Holywell

Loft conversions to create extra bedrooms, work or living space:

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  • Bungalow conversions
  • Full Loft Conversion
  • Loft Access and Storage
  • Combined loft conversion & extension
  • Fitting dormer windows
  • Building over garage and into loft

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Old cast-iron and degraded PVC gutters replaced:

  • Gutter Clearing & Leaf Removal Holywell
  • Decorative gutters
  • New uPVC soffits and facias installed
  • Black uPVC guttering
  • Snow damaged guttering replaced
  • Leaf & Debris Removal
  • Rainwater barrels installed
  • Old guttering systems replaced

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TV, Aerial & Satellite Holywell

Aerial replacement and TV-Satellite installation:

  • TV Aerial Holywell
  • Digital Compatible Aerials
  • TV in every room
  • Concealed cable fitting
  • TV Wall mounting service
  • Aligning satellite dishes

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