Mobile Tyre Fitting Shiremoor Mobile Mechanic Shiremoor

Boiler Repairs Shiremoor

Digital TV,Aerial & Satellite Shiremoor

Campervan Hire Shiremoor

Wall & Floor Tiles Shiremoor

Painting & Decorating Shiremoor

Cars Bought Shiremoor

Digital Signage Shiremoor

 Shiremoor Plumbing Services: Bathroom, kitchen and utility room plumbing Shiremoor

 Driving Lessons Shiremoor : Book a driving lesson with a driving instructor familiar with the Shiremoor area

 TV Installation Shiremoor : Replace your old aerial or have a wall mounted TV installed with hidden wiring

Shiremoor Clutch Replacement

Shiremoor clutch system repairs
Slipping clutch plates removed & replaced to most makes of cars in the Shiremoor area

Hydraulic Master-Slave Clutch Replacement Shiremoor
Master and Slave cylinders regularly leak hydraulic clutch fluid around seals and may be contaminated with bubbles of air changing how the clutch operates & will need fresh clutch fluid or master-slave cylinder replaced

Autoelectrics Shiremoor

Shiremoor Autoelectrics OBD II
Electrical fault diagnosis Shiremoor

  • ECU problems investigated
  • Wiring harness faults tracked
  • Diagnostic fault codes identified
  • Reset service light
  • OBD fault finding
  • Engine mapping

Shiremoor Alternators
Replacement alternators to most car makes for Shiremoor car owners

Shiremoor Starter Motors
Starter motor fitting for most car makes for Shiremoor car owners

Shiremoor Radiators & Engine Cooling

Shiremoor Car Heater & Radiator Systems
Car engine cooling and climate control maintenance & repair with manufacturer recommended & performance components to repair cars for Shiremoor such as

  • Radiator fans
  • Antifreeze replacement
  • Radiators
  • Circulation pipes
  • Temperature sensors
  • Engine cooling
  • Joints and connectors

Shiremoor Panel Replacement

Body Repairs Shiremoor: Replacement Colour Matched Body Panels
Damaged body panels repaired or replaced and colour matched also superficial dents and scratches repaired

Paint Resprays Shiremoor
Paintwork repairs to cover minor scratch damage paint or lacquer finish; Paint repairs eg:

  • Colour Matching bumpers
  • Lacquering
  • Custom Paint Finishes
  • Company livery
  • Metallised Paints
  • Colour Matching
  • Two-Tone Colours

Auto Parts Shiremoor

Performance Extras
Recommended parts supplied & fitted or upgraded with alternative performance parts for example

  • exhaust systems
  • air filters
  • suspension kits
  • belts
  • low profile tyres
  • brake sets

Shiremoor Car Parts: Electrical
Faulty electrical components replaced using OEM or equivalent electrical components for example:

  • relays
  • fuses
  • Oxygen (lambda) sensors
  • temperature probes
  • bulbs
  • air flow sensors

Service,MOT and Repair Shiremoor

Shiremoor Engine Repairs & General Servicing
Engine repairs, cylinder head skimming, piston rings fitted and general maintenance

Gearbox Repairs Shiremoor
Automatic & Manual gearbox servicing & repair - Reconditioned and new gearboxes installed in the Shiremoor area

Brakes Shiremoor
Standard Brake maintenance to replace worn brake pads and worn or damaged discs

Shiremoor Brake Pipes
Brake pipework and joints inspected for signs of corrosion & corroded sections removed and treated to give a braking system service around Shiremoor including bleeding pipes and adding new hydraulic brake fluid

Shiremoor Suspension System
New shocks and suspension springs installed, Shiremoor to front or rear to fix drive problems and broken springs also: Sport suspension sets installed lowering springs used

Shiremoor Oil Change & Filters Replaced
Shiremoor Air filters, pollen filters; oil filter & fuel filter replaced engine oil drained, Performance or multigrade oils used

  • Pollen filter
  • Oil filter
  • Fresh oil
  • Shiremoor Air filters
  • Diesel or petrol filter

Mobile Tyre Fitting Shiremoor

Tyre Fitting Shiremoor
Replacement car tyres to fit most cars

  • Goodyear
  • 4X4 Tyres
  • Alloy Wheels
  • budget tyres
  • run-flat tyres
  • low profile performance tyres

Tracking Shiremoor
Front wheels often need tracking correction to correct for toe-in caused by hitting speed bumps

Exhaust Fitting Shiremoor

New Exhaust Systems for Shiremoor Silencers Pipes Engine Manifolds
Replacement exhaust components for most makes of car for example: Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Skoda, Renault, Smart, Chevrolet & Sakura Incuding

  • Exhaust Pipes
  • Engine Manifold
  • Lambda sensors
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Gaskets
  • Silencer
  • Custom exhaust systems
  • Catalyst System
  • Front Box
  • Performance exhausts

EGR Valves Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Replacement EGR valves to make certain the exhaust recirculation section is working appropriately because the EGR valve helps your engine burn fuel fully to minimise emissions by feeding a portion of the exhaust gases through the combustion process; if the valve breaks harmful emissions go up and may be responsible for an MOT failure due to excessive emissions

Shiremoor Servicing - Timing Belts

Shiremoor Engine Belts
Timing belts are often changed as part of a major service recommended under manufacturers guidelines or when the timing belt snaps requiring an engine check for piston or valve impact

Car Fuel Pumps Shiremoor
New fuel pumps to most makes of car - Belt driven pumps will generally be changed at an important service overhaul if the cambelt - timing belt due for replacement